Hi!! would you like to learn spanish?, now you can get your spanish course with skype classes.
The courses are of three months.

Beginners: 8 skype classes of 30 minuts each per month
                 Introducction(articles, verbs, adjectives...)
                 Describing things
                 Useful tips
                 Comprehension exercises
                 At the end you will be able to understand short tenses, news and asking for addresses, prices....and all that you need for a short conversation.

Medium: 8 skype classes of 30 minuts each per month
               Talking in differents verbal tenses
               Geting use of prepositions, adverbs and conjuctions
               Correction and improvement of your speaking skills
               Comprehension exercises
Free course: Some people just need to improve some fields of his knowledge, this course  is just about your needs, just because you need help for your exams or because you do not undertand something especific
              8 skype classe of 30 minuts each per month

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  1. That's a great program. I also do spanish learning by skype at but I think you have an impressive program. I'll recommend you to others