Sunday, August 26, 2012

LESSON 19 pronombres reflexivos

I know that is not going to be easy to undertand for english speakers, but I will try to put some examples and remember to do not just translate, the best way of learn is to keep the first idea and look for more examples.
A pronombre reflexivo is a pronoun that shows to us that the action is done for the same subject and for who  is done always depending of verb forn that follows (ffff well more or less) 

Pronombres reflexivos:                          
el/ella........... se

me compré un coche...........I bought a car ( show to us that I bought the car and is going to be just for me or shows that the car is going to be mine)
Te comp un coche...........I bought a car (but here shows to us that I bought the car but is for you, I bought it because the verb is past and the first person of singular "yo compré")
 Te compraste un bought a car ( this shows to us that you bought a car because the verb is secont person of singular and past "tu compraste" and is for you "te"
Te comprarás un will buy a car (here is the same case as above,you bought because is the verb is second person of for you "te" but as you can see the verb is future)
se maquilla........she is making up
Nos queremos.....we love each other
Nos comeremos un pastel ......we are going to eat (because the verb is future and is we who will eat it because the verb is first person of plural and future)
os veis see each other
Se fueron todos. deprisa......All of them left in a hurry( because the verb is third person of plural and past "se fueron")
ex:  Me compraré el mismo coche que Juan se ha comprado (I'm going to by the same car that Juan has bought)

FFFFF this one is not easy i know!!


  1. se maquilla...she is maiking up??? Would´t it be better wright; she is doing her makeup?

  2. yep!! more or less is not sxactly because it also means that she is doing her makup but it show to us that she is doing it hersef(you know languages)