Friday, November 16, 2012

Lesson 25 creating adverbs

What is an adverb?

      An adverb is a word that we add to describe how is something or someone doing the action, is just a kind of describtion of the verb that it is  following, there are adverbs of place like aquí(here) allí(there), adverbs of time like: más tarde(later).después(after).... but in this lesson we are going to talk about advebs made from  adjectives, lets go to learn how:
There are some adverbs that you can create them  from a adjective like bad(badly), friend(friendly), well as you can see in English language we can create them just adding "ly", in spanish language is the same but we add the letters "mente" ex:

Feliz (happy)..........felizmente(happily)

Did you see something weird?? wes!! you are right we make the adverbs adding "mente" always from the female word like the two last adverbs lento and pesado, I do not why but is just like that(you know languages)

We have also adverbs with a preposition, you can have a look on vocavulary list block 2 here

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