Wednesday, January 4, 2012


To make the future in spanish with a regular verbs is really easy, you just have to add the endings é, ás, á, emos,éis,án

     comprar (to buy)                                    comer (to eat)
      yo compraré ...I'll buy                            yo comeré...I'll eat
      tu comprarás'll buy                        tu comerá will eat
      el comprará ..he will buy                        el comerá....he will eat
      nosotros compraremos...we will buy       nosotros comeremos...we will eat
     vosotros compraré will buy          vosotros comeré will eat
     ellos comprarán...they will buy                 ellos comerán...they will eat

There are a number of irregular verbs that use a unique stem to construct the future, instead of the infinitive, here you have some of them which are important:

      poder (can)                               Hacer( to do)
 yo podré........ I'll be able                yo haré.. .I'll do
 tu podrás                                        tu harás
 el podrá                                          el hará
 nosotros podremos                         nosotros haremos
 vosotros podréis                             vosotros haréis
 ellos podrán                                   ellos harán

There are a lot of irregular verbs like poder and hacer and the only one way to know is learn them (sorry).
We also can use the verb ir and infinitive like in english go and verb infinitive

      voy a comprar..........I'm going to buy
      vas a are going to buy
      va a comprar............he/she is going to buy
      vamos a comprar.....we are going to buy
      vais a are going to buy
      van a comprar..........they are going to buy
but we only use this forme when the action is going to do immediatly.


  1. Gracias y feliz año nuevo. Espero que continuar mi español luego en 2013.