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In addition to verb estar,the verb ir(to go) and seguir(to keep going) can be used as an auxiliary with the present participle.These two verbs ad diferent sahde of meaning.The verb ir sounds a bit more colloquial and give the sense of to go along doing something or gives an immediate,simple feeling to a sentence.

ex:el niño va andando a la escuela.....the boy goes to school on foot
                                                        the boy goes along walking to school
Seguir, when used with the present participle,means to keep(on) doing something or continue something.

ex: sigue hablando......keep speaking,please.

The construction can also be used to wxpress a future intention.

ex: seguimos trabajando mañana....we'll continue working tomorrow.

Seguir hablando..........keep speaking (as you can see we have remove the"ar" from the infinitive hablar verb and we add -ando what it means? well is the same than in when in English we add -ing and shows that the action is happening (never better said) just while we are explaining what is going on ex:

estoy cantando..........i'm singing
está comprando........he is bying
well you have to get it as a rul but be careful because there are irregulars verbs like decir,ir...

Have a look at verbo ir here

Well I stared to speak to much with verbs I think that you have to start to know them a bit, this is a really good web where you will find all of them   here you have all the verbs with a annotations in english please check it out and try to learn the verbs ser ,estar, ir ,seguir.

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