Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lesson 33 Spanish prepositions

The Spanish prepositions works almost in the same way than the English prepositions do, so you just have to learn them and of course use them.

Here we go:

A (by, at, to) ex: voy A tu casa (I'm going to your home), vamos en coche (we are going by car)
ANTE ,antes de, (before, in the face of) ex: antes de ir te llamaré (Before I go, I'll call you)
BAJO (under) ex: los apuntes están bajo los libros (the notes are under the books)
CON (with)
CONTRA (against) ex: no estoy contra nadie (I'm not against anyone)
DE (of, from, possession) ex: no soy de aquí (I'm not from here), está hecho de madera (is made of wood)
DESDE (since)
DURANTE (during)
EN (in) ex: las llaves del coche están en el cajón (car keys are in the drawer)
ENTRE (between)
HACIA (Toward) ex: va hacia tu casa (he/she goes towards your home)
HASTA (until) ex: he llegado hasta el final (I  have come until the end)
PARA (for) have a look on lesson 28 here
POR (for) have a look on lesson 28 here
SEGÚN (acording to)
SIN (without)
SOBRE (over, about) ex: hablan sobre los conflictos actuales (they talk about current conflicts)
TRAS (After, behind) ex: lloraban tras su muerte (they cried after his death)


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