Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lesson 32 how to use umlauts

The spanish umlaut : (diéresis) is used just to change the sound of some words  with "gu" followed  by the vowels"e" and "i" , Let's see it:

Agua (water)                  click here and listen to me
Guerrero (warrior)
Guirnalda (wreath)
Guapo (handsome)
Pingüino (penguin)
Antigüedad (Antique)

Well, when gu is followed by the vowels a,o, the vowel u always sounds but if "gu" is followed by "e" and "i" the vowel u can sound if we use the "diéresi" but if we do not put the "diéresi" the vowel u does not sound

More words with diérisis:

click here and listen to me

Paragüero (umbrela stand)
Cigüeña (stork)
Ambigüedad (ambiguity)
Bilingüismo (bilingualism)
vergüenza (shame)
desagüe (drain)

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